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s there a bigger red carpet than the Oscars’? Hollywood’s biggest night is set to kick off on Sunday, March 27, and Tinseltown’s A-listers will hit the step and repeat in their finest evening wear—all of which will be spectated and dissected by a global audience. (No pressure.) For many of the powerhouse stylists dressing these stars, the Oscar carpet is their Super Bowl. They spend weeks, if not months, preparing for the grand spectacle.

So what goes into planning a striking Oscar look, you ask? Vogue reached out to some of La-La Land’s top stylists to find out. Below, we also asked them how they find inspiration amid all the chaos and what pre-Oscar rituals they follow to ensure their clients land in a flawless, paparazzi-ready ensemble.

Below, how nine Hollywood stylists are prepping for the Oscars.

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